Calculates the mean of the posterior for the proportions of each behavior within track segments. These results can be explored to determine the optimal number of latent behavioral states.

extract_prop(res, ngibbs, nburn, nmaxclust)



A list of results returned by cluster_segments. Element theta stores estimate for behavior proportions for all time segments.


numeric. The total number of iterations of the MCMC chain.


numeric. The length of the burn-in phase.


numeric. A single number indicating the maximum number of clusters to test.


A matrix that stores the proportions of each state/cluster (columns) per track segment (rows).


# \donttest{ #load data data(tracks.seg) #select only id, tseg, SL, and TA columns tracks.seg2<- tracks.seg[,c("id","tseg","SL","TA")] #summarize data by track segment obs<- summarize_tsegs(dat = tracks.seg2, nbins = c(5,8)) #cluster data with LDA res<- cluster_segments(dat = obs, gamma1 = 0.1, alpha = 0.1, ngibbs = 1000, nburn = 500, nmaxclust = 7, ndata.types = 2) #Extract proportions of behaviors per track segment theta.estim<- extract_prop(res = res, ngibbs = 1000, nburn = 500, nmaxclust = 7) # }