Identify changes within a discrete variable. These values can be used to pre-specify breakpoints within the segmentation model using segment_behavior.

find_breaks(dat, ind)



A data frame containing the data for each animal ID.


character. The name of the column storing the discrete variable of interest.


A vector of breakpoints is returned based on the data provided. If wishing to identify separate breakpoints per animal ID, this function should be mapped onto a list generated by df_to_list.


#simuluate data var<- sample(1:3, size = 50, replace = TRUE) var<- rep(var, each = 20) id<- rep(1:10, each = 100) #create data frame dat<- data.frame(id, var) #create list dat.list<- df_to_list(dat = dat, ind = "id") #run function using purrr::map() breaks<- purrr::map(dat.list, ~find_breaks(dat = ., ind = "var")) #or with lapply() breaks1<- lapply(dat.list, find_breaks, ind = "var")