An internal function for plotting the results of the segmentation model.

plot_breakpoints_behav(data, as_date, var_names, var_labels, brkpts)



A data frame for a single animal ID that contains columns for the ID, date or time variable, and each of the movement variables that were analyzed by segment_behavior. Data streams can be in continuous or discrete form.


logical. If TRUE, plots breakpoints and data streams over the date. By default, this is set to FALSE.


A vector of the column names for the movement variables to be plotted over time.


A vector of the labels to be plotted on the y-axis for each movement variable. Set to NULL by default.


A data frame that contains the breakpoints associated with each animal ID. This data frame is returned by get_breakpts.


A line plot for each movement variable showing how the estimated breakpoints relate to the underlying data. Depending on the user input for var_names, this may either be on the scale of the original continuous data or the discretized data.