This Shiny application allows for the exploration of animal movement patterns. Options are available to interactively filter the plotted tracks by a selected time period of a given variable, which is then displayed on an interactive map. Additionally, a data table is shown with options to filter and export this table once satisfied.

shiny_tracks(data, epsg)



A data frame that must contain columns labeled id, x, y, date, but can include any other variables of interest.


numeric. The coordinate reference system (CRS) as an EPSG code.


Currently, the time series plot shown for the exploration of individual tracks cannot display variables of class character or factor. Therefore, these should be changed to numeric values if they are to be plotted.

If the data are stored as longitude and latitude (i.e., WGS84), the EPSG code is 4326. All other codes will need to be looked up if they are not already known.


if (FALSE) { #load data data(tracks) #run Shiny app shiny_tracks(data = tracks, epsg = 32617) }