About me

I am an ORISE Postdoctoral Fellow in Diann Prosser’s lab at the USGS Eastern Ecological Science Center where I’m using waterfowl telemetry data to study the spatiotemporal patterns of disease prevalence and transmission of avian influenza virus. In general, my research takes an integrative approach to understand how animals interact with their environment.

Generally, I am a quantitative ecologist with a passion for finding novel insights from large datasets. I am broadly interested in the ecological roles and movement patterns of vertebrate organisms to assess how sympatric species partition niche space and interact with their environment, respectively. I am also interested in data exploration, acquisition, and dissemination via interactive web applications (via Shiny), which may also serve as decision-support tools. I am particularly interested in using quantitative statistical methods (e.g., Bayesian models, state-space models, mixed effects (i.e. hierarchical) models, multivariate ordinations and clustering) and GIS to address complex ecological problems.


PhD Wildlife & Fisheries Sciences, 2019
Texas A&M University

BS Biological Sciences, 2013
Clemson University